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Новости: Armenian Terrorism Against The Turks 4

  • On February 25, 1992, armenian and russian troops committed one of the bloodiest tragedies of the XX century – Khojali bloodshed. For the neglect of republic officials the defence of this stratejic settlment wasn`t efficiently organized. Self-defence battalion of Khojali consisting of 80 men wasn`t equiped with any armoured cars and weapons. Only mortar battery of 2nd battalion of Shikh brigade consisting of 20 men helped them. Milish unit of 60 men stood in guard of the aeroport.
    On February 25, at 21 o`clock armenian military units with the 366 th moto-rifle-regiment of UIS troops in Khankandy ( 2 battalions out of 3, with their full complrment, the other partially), besides hired assassins brought from abroad (Groups "Asala", "Haydad", "Chichakran") attacked Khojali. The first stroke was at the aeroport near the city. Though the defenders of the city were few in number and weren`t armed well, they were fighting with fortitude. Comander of units of Special Nominations Alif Hajiyev was especially distinguished. Unit consisting of 22 men headed by him 3 times repulsed assults of enemy on aeroport. But forces were unequal. When A. Hajiyev saw the situation to be desperated he blew up the controller`s office of the aeroport, with the aim of not to be seized by enemy. The brave commander died a death of hero in the next battle.
    After the strong preparatory bombardment tanks and armoured machi-nery invaded the town, and street battles began. Hundreds of men were killed, wounded and taken into prisoners. The town was ruined and burnt. A part of escaped people, mostly women, old and children ran on Agdam direction. Spending a snowy, frosty night barefoot, bareheaded in the forest most of the refugees were frozen, some of them being wounded couldn`t bare it and died. The rest were shot down when they were going out of the forest in the place colled Garagaya, 6 km far from Khojali. It was already morning. Hundreds of helpless women,old and children had been killed. Enemy blockaded those, who wanted to escape and were running from Khojali on Abdal-Gulabli direction and shot them down. Those, who survived were taken into prisoners. Armenian blood-suckers tortured the wounded men, dis-figured the dead-bodies and ravished wo-men and girls.
    In this genocide committed by arme-nians against the azeri-turks 613 men were killed, 487 mutilated, 1275 taken into prisoners. 6 family were absolutely annihi-lated. For handing prisoners armenians made 150 gallows in Khankandy.
    The city of Shusha for a long time was in blockade. It wasn`t efficiently equiped with food and arms. Though it was known that 180 military specialists of 366th moto-rifle-regiment of UIS troops with their 90 armoured cars deserted to the armenians, only 24 armoured cars stood in guard of the city. There wasn`t a clever plan of defence. State officials was seeing a real danger in formed milish and army units and didn`t provide a single command on defensive forces. Most of the officers were unexperi-enced. The military communication was very bad. Though offensive was expecting a lot of soldiers were sent to furlough holiday. Holding the post of Minister of Defence in March of 1992, Rahim Gaziyev relying on his Russian supporters wanted to seize the power and establish a dictatorship and for this he was interested to intensify the situation in front and in society. All the facts give us right to say that all the officials being responsible for the defence of Shusha, either deliberately, or being unexperienced and shortsighted helped armenians to translate their nasty plans into reality.
    In the night of May 7th to May 8th enemy attacked the city with artillery fires. 80 tanks and 6 000 fighters took part in this attack. The military machinery were taken out of the city. Fighters of milish units left the city. Mines planted territories rendered harmless. (On that day Azerbaijan-Arme-nia-Iran negotiations were carrying in Tehran and for this a passage had to be given to arnenians to go Armenia through Lachin.This was a diplomatic trick for ensnaring of Azerbaijan «chiefs». On May 9, at 5 o`clock all the posts around the city had already been seized. In some positions azerbaijanian soldires were courageously fighting against the enemy. In some places invaders were made to retreat. Enemy lost 1600 men in Shusha and Malibayly. But defenders of the city didn`t get any help. In Shusha battles 155 men died a death of hero, 167 men were wounded. On May 18, Lachin was seized by enemy.
    Inconnection of empire-lover forces armenians efficiently used the policy of those who were eager despite everything to seize the power in Azerbaijan. This policy was prejudicing to build a mighty army, to mobilize the military forces. Azerbaijan military detachments were consisting of those who served to various convictions, with political views and anarchists. In reality, there wasn`t a general com-manding. What a pity, successes of summer operations of 1992 gained for the blood and courage of manful, honest sons of Azer-baijan (In July-August Azerbaijan army`s and Tartar detachments freed Agdara from enemy. Armenian fighters had been driven out of Bashkand. The «passage» between Armania and Daglig Garabagh was made narrower.)for the becoming empire-lover forces more active, wasn`t continued. Self-defence detachments, who knew the position well and were more quick intentionally had been called away. In Agdam 11 self-defence battalions headed by Shirin Mirzayev, Asif Maharramov and some others acted together and didn`t allow enemy to do something. But detachments brought instead of them, were serving to different political forces. At the beginning of September, as the result of betrayal, such heights of stratejic importance, as Abdal Gulabli, Papravand, Jinli, Yeddikhirman were lost. On December 10, armenian armed forces entered Gubadli and Zangilan territories, seized and burnt them. Meanwhile, Azerbaijan army and polis could made enemy to retreat, which took the offensive on Tovuz and Ghadabay direction. In reply military bases of Armenia had been attacked.
    With the help of their supporters enemy again took an offensive. On February 5, 1993, at night expedition corps of Armrnia in Garabag,with the 128th moto-rifle-regiment of UIS`s YII army and hired cossacks assumed the offensive on Agdara region. Attacks of enemy on the villages Shelly, Erky, Janyatag and Gulyatag intensified.
    Nearly before Russia clearly and in ultimative form declared Azerbaijan it had to allow russian troops enter to its territory and use their help, (Independent Azerbaijan achieved to take the russian troops out of his terrirory) or it had to rely on its own army. Azerbaijan government couldn`t agree to be under yoke of Russia again. Invaders attacked Agdara region and seized a lot of settlements there till the 10th of March. At the end of March enemy began to attack Kalbajar from two sides – Armenia and Agdara. The defence of the region was very poor. A part of military detachments and machi-nery had been taken out. On one side it was connected with the betrayal of some army officials who wanted to be in service of empire-lover forces, on the other hand republic chiefs surrendering Kalbajar wanted Armenia to be known as an agressor. (As if leading states were beware of that! It wasn`t a true attitude of mind. Simply it was necessary to understand that these states had their own interests on this problem, and they were acting according to it.) On March 26, 1993 enemy invaded Agdaban village of the region and burnt it. (This village was burnt on April 8, 1992 for the first time.) 3 days later the way Bashibel-Tunel was closed. On March 31 enemy seized the bridge Gamishli. Now Kalbajar was absolutly blockaded. On April 3 armenians occupied Kalbajar. When Azerbaijan armed forces retreated for indifference of republic chiefs they couldn`t take all the people out of the region. About 15 000 men were cought by armenian fascists. Armenians were immadietely shooting women and old who couldn`t work. Houses enterprises, rich museums, especially their carpets, farms were robbed and cattle was driven away.
    At the result of criminal betray of those who was hoping the political crises, that could take place by surrender of the lands, hoping to overturn and wanting to seize the power, new blows had been striken on Azerbaijan territorial integrity in summer and autumn of 1993. Taking an occasion of the political crisis in the republic from the beginning of june enemy assumed the offensive. Both governmental forces (Azerbaijan People`s Front – Musavat tandem),and forcis rose in rebelion took out a lot of machinery from Agdam front. Internal troops` units were mobilized for the prevention of Baku from rebels expected attacks. Taking an occasion armenians occupied areas from Gargarchay to Shaybaly village of this region.
    At night from June 25 to 26 troop detachments in Agdam front were taken out of the battle field. At the beginning of july military detachment № 709 being subordinated to Curat Husseynov entered Agdam. Self defence battalions were absolutely pushed aside from the battle operations. When the town was under the intensive shot, there wasn`t a single fire in reply. Armenian military detachments rapidly advanced. Bloody battles took place in Malibayly. On July 22-23, whole day and night the fighters of Asif Maharramov`s defence battalion fought aganist the enemy, but getting no help retreated. On July 23, Agdam which by the help of local self-defence units carried on bloody battles for about 43 days was occupied by enemy.
    On August 25 Jabrail and Fuzuly and on August 31 Gubadli had been occupied by armenians. Zangilan fall into blockade and on October 27 was occupied by enemy.
    Beginning from the end of 1993, a great steps were made in Azerbaijan national army building. All the people responded Prezident Haydar Aliyev`s call. Battalions were formed of voluteers and sent to front. Veterans of Afganistan War appealed to president by the initiative of formation a regiment. Military detachment formed out of these experienced fighters courageously fought against the enemy. 33 former unorganized units were annuled. False «generals», political swindlers, traitors were pushed aside. Pecuniary bases of armed forces got stronger. At the result Azerbaijan army stopped attacks of the enemy, even returned some areas back. In the middle of december national army showed great courages against the enemy`s attacks on Beylagan direction. 7 attacking tanks out of 15 were crushed. Our fighters by a counter attack went 30 km forward. At the result of successful operations on January 5, 1994 having a stratejic impor-tance Horadiz district and 22 villages of Fuzuly region set up free. A part of Jabrail – Bozlu, Takagaya, Babashlar, Ganlikand, Chanly, Susuzlyg, Gasimbinasy, Yanshag-bina, Yanshag, Bagirsag, Gamishly, Bagirly settlements of Kalbajar region set free. Chichakly dag and othr stratejic heights were taken away. In the battles of Decem-ber 1993 – January 1994 enemy lost 4 000 soldiers and officers, 50 armoured cars, 15 artillery equipments and etc. Loses of Azerbaijan were 1-1,5 times less.
    Development of army, practical steps towards Europe formed a good situation for the relentless independance of Azerbaijan republic. Intending at any cost to prevent it authority empire-lover forces increased their help to armenians. At the end of December 1993, successfully starting in Kalbajar «Murovdag» operation plan (Azerbaijan soldiers showed a great heroism in destruction of armenian piquets in «Omar» ridges. 3 000 armenians were killed along the river Meydan) by a betrayal group of officers of Defence Ministry was handed to enemy and in February of 1994 this operation failed. In April Russia offered Azerbaijan a humiliating draft, that could from a legal base for saving its positions in this region inconceivable political and economical condescensions. In order to make Azerbaijan to accept this draft which was suitable for armenians on April 10, they assumed offensive along the front attacks. Azerbaijan aoldiers won the battles of Talish and Gulustan of Goranboy region, enemy losing 150 soldiers and officers retreated. More than 200 men of enemy was annihilated in bloody battles in Ilkhichilar and Keyar directions of Tartar region. But armenians could occupy 18 villages of Agdam and villages of Agdara region. A precarious situation arose for Barda. Azerbaijay army bringing here additional forces could prevent attacks of enemy by counter-attack returned some settlments back. So plan – offered by empire-lover forces – plan which considered to be through the mediation of only Russia, withoutparticipation of OSCE (Organizetion of Security and Colloboration in Europe), foiled. In this USA and Minisk group of OSCE (This group was formed in May, 1992 for the settling of Daglig Garabagh conflict) took a great part. At the same time kept within the bounds of respecting its souvereignity Azeerbaijan did not deny assistance of Russia in achieving the cease fire. On May 8, 1994 Azerbaijan Republic signed Bishkek protocol proving intentions of Russian Federation and of conflict sides, including Azerbaijan an Armenian commu-nity of Daglig Garabagh. On May 12, 1994 was achieved cease fire in front.
    At the result of bloody battles and war broke out by armenian nationalists 20 per cent of republic territories had been trampled under enemies feet. Armenians undertook the tactics of «ruining the territory». In this war 20 000 azerbaijanians killed, 100 000 men wounded, 5 000 became cripples. Number of refugees and migrants were more than 1 000 000. 4861 azerbaijanian, including 314 women, 58 children and 255 old men were taken into prisoners and as hostage.Armenian fascists hid the real number of prisonera and hostages from international humanitarian organizations, behave with them non-humanly, made them work as slaves, insulted them. In items of Archavanik, Lusagor, Arizin, Diljan were created the camps - the valid hells for captive women. More than 700 settlements, including towns of Shusha, Lachin, Khojali, Kalbajar, Agdam, Fuzuly, Gybadly, Zaygikan, more than 100 000 houses, 31 mosque, 9 palaces-karvansaray complexes, 4366 social object, including 1145 child`s pre-school unstitutions, 690 educational schools, 4 technical schools, 1 high school building, 982 libraries, 862 clubs, 1831 film plants, 4 theaters, 10 parks, 13 museums with their more than 100 000 displays, 13 fortress towers, 22 barrows, 2 cave-temples had been robbed and ruined. Republic suffered damages of about 60 billions in USA dollars.
    Armenians want to get important privilages by the help of Russia in concluding of political treaty between Armenia and Azerbaijan under the leadership of Minsk group. But Azerbaijan is strengthening its international status, to prove it on the bases of obeying such international principles as peace and inviolability of lands.
    So, being guided by their supporters armanians in XIX-XX centuries with their terror and genocide policy against turks brought a lot of mental and pecuniary loses to these nations. Weapon of armenian terrorism is a strong agitation basing on lie and noise, falsification of history in their own favour, to stimulate the interest of armenians and others on that «armenians are a nation of special high qualities, so being merited of special privilages», but turks being in large majority in areas they wanted to establish own state are «wild», «vampires» and «cut-throats», to form a national psychosis, by offering their services aim to use artifically the gread powers`, especially Russia`s geopolitical interests, committing provocation – murdering armenians to have grounds for future aggressions, to murder turks, to make them leave their motherland, to become refugees in their country.
    No wonder that, Europe for a long time acknowledged armenians as «a poor», «long-suffering» nation, being unaware of realrapacious, aggressive face of nationalists brought up by them, wanted to show or showed genocide and ethnic cleaning policy against turks planned and translated in consecutive order by armenian political structures, Gregorian church and their supporters.
    Genocide and ethnic cleaning policy of armenian nationalists and their supporters for the first time appraised at its real legal-political worth by decrees «About the mass deportation of azerbaijanians from their historical ethnic lands – from the territory of Armenia SSR in 1948-1953» from December 17, 1997 and «About the azerbaijanian genocide» from March 26, 1998 given by President of Azerbaijan Republic Haydar Aliyev. These historical decrees elucidate the real truth to world community and shows that aids used by armenians in policy against turks contradict the civil principles of modern international relations.
    Russia, considering agressive Armenia his stratejic partner, had armed it from top to toe, replaced his military bases and modern weapons in its territory. But armenian nationalists knew that their successes were temporary. They had to understand that when they are useless Russia would threw them aside, as it was before.
    Civil world and democratic countries don`t accept the way of driving out the people from their motherland by terror, establishing the own power in these lands.

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